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[LeadDev] Cultivating an intentional engineering culture

Teamwork, documentation, and the definition of culture.
Source – Cultivating an intentional engineering culture
Author – Camille Acey

What I like about this post is its focus on how teamwork across organizations, documentation, and empathy can help the company to reach its goals.

The definition of Culture

In the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the second entry on the word ‘culture’ gives the definition: ‘the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization’.
Culture is about the things we do together to reach goals that we have mutually agreed upon.

Helping others

If, instead of making the assumption that other people are adversaries hell-bent on chomping into valuable coding time, devs got curious about what problems were trying to be solved with meetings, we might be able to develop some creative solutions.


When engineers write things down, they also protect themselves from the customer team’s demands.
If we know where to look for information about patches and new features, we don’t have to come to the engineers.

Where the money comes from

a fact of growth that most customer care pros know is that, over time, a greater portion of revenue is expected to come from existing customers. So, while new features might attract new customers, the unglamorous work of fixing bugs and ensuring performance and reliability is what will keep the lion’s share of your customers around and support the overall success of the business and its people.