What's this?

I have a terrible memory.

I'm certain that most, if not all, of the ideas that come out of my mind, are ideas on top of other ideas I got from reading books, blog posts, tweets, etc. – peers, mentees, and friends often ask me where did I learn that; what do I think about a book; what books have I read; and so on, and my answer to all those questions always is

I don't remember [...]

Furthermore, I like to read blogs, news, and books, and highlight paragraphs on them that I'd like to eventually read again if I need some advice – some sort of virtual mentor based on other people's ideas and experiences I came across while navigating through the Internet.

So, this publication includes notes and full paragraphs I took from articles or books I've read. This may include science fiction, programming, product, mentoring, psychology, and more topics – all posts include credits and links to the original article or book.

You can see this publication as personal notes I took for myself but in a public way so next time someone asks me about my sources, I have a better answer that I don't remember.


I'm a software engineer, manager, mentor, and dog-father 🐶.

👨🏻‍💻 I currently serve as the CTO of Apli.

💜 I love to craft software products that impact people's life – from the problem definition to the solution's implementation.

🚀 My developer journey began customizing MySpace pages and has turned into designing engineering organizations and managing super-talented software engineers.

🧠 I'm highly motivated by impactful projects and products that fundamentally change how things are done (new or low-market products), rather than just providing a better UX.

📚 I'm interested in software development, computer science, psychology, and mentoring topics. I'm terribly bad at traditional in-person or online education, so I'm mostly empirical self-taught 🤓.

📢 I genuinely believe that transparency, honesty, respect, and constant-clear communication between teams and their members, lead to successful organizations.

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